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Everything You Need To Know About The PS4

Well that was Sony. That was as good a conference as I can remember. The local price isn’t quite what I’d hoped considering what the US are paying, but it was mostly great news all round. And no DRM. Bless. But just in case you missed it, this is everything you need to know about the PS4.


Main news I guess is the price and the date. It’s coming Holiday 2013 and it will cost $549 here in Australia. The no DRM thing is just the icing on the cake. Great news, brilliant to see the consumer coming first here.

Sony Australia Confirms Local PS4 Price
EB Games Lists PS4 At $549
This Is What The PlayStation 4 Looks Like
Good News: PlayStation Plus Memberships Will Carry Onto The PS4
The PS4 Costs $399
PS4 Video Says PlayStation Plus Is Mandatory For Online Multiplayer
The PS4 Doesn’t Have The Xbox One’s DRM


A great line up. Destiny surprised me by looking a lot better than I expected. A lot of great announcements as well.

Here’s The First Gameplay Footage For Destiny
The Just Cause Guys Are Making A Mad Max Game
Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Now Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Coming To The PS4
Transistor: A New Game From Supergiant Games, The Creators Of Bastion, Will Make Its Debut On The PS4
The Order 1866 Is The Newest PS4 Exclusive
Gran Turismo 6 Looks Amazing On The PlayStation 4

Other stuff…

Sony Just Smacked The Xbox One In The Mouth
This Is How You Share Games On PS4
Quantic Dream;s Dark Sorcerer Is Hellishly Funny

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