Specs Sheet Says PS4 Has 500GB Hard Drive, Camera Not Included

I’m not sure why this wasn’t part of Sony’s presentation yesterday. Maybe the company left it out because it simply matched Microsoft instead of under-cutting it. But, hey, the PS4 has a 500GB hard drive.

UPDATE: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that, like the PS3, the PS4’s HDD will be upgradeable.

The tidbit was revealed in a media release sent out by Sony after its press conference had wound down, which also let us know that the PS4 camera would be sold separately for $US59 (surely a big reason why the PS4 was able to be $50 cheaper in Australia than the Xbox One, which includes a Kinect).

You do, however, get a mono headset and HDMI cable with every PS4 sold, the latter being always welcome with a HD system.

You can read the specs sheet yourself here.

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