Third-Party Publishers WIll Have Final Say On Used Games For PS4

In an interview with Game Trailers’ Geoff Keighley, Sony CEO Jack Tretton shed more light on how used games will work on the PlayStation 4. It seems that, while the system’s first-party games will be free to trade in or share without restriction, third-party publishers can choose to behave otherwise.

Tretton’s remarks start at about 1:08:00 in this segment:

“If the consumer pays x amount of dollars for a game and they don’t have the flexibility to get some additional value out of it, it changes the way the perceive the value of the game and it takes dollars out of their pocket to buy a new game… We just want to give the consumer flexibility.”

Asked what Sony’s response would be if publishers wanted to restrict used games sales, Tretton replied:

“We create the platform. We’ve certainly stated with our first party games, we’re not going to be doing that. But we welcome publishers and their business models to our platforms. There’s going to be free-to-play; there’s going to be every potential business model on there and again that’s up to their relationship with the consumer and what they think is going to put them in the best stead. So we’re not going to dictate that. We’re going to give them a platform to publish on.”


“The DRM decision is going to have to be in the hands of the third parties. That’s not something that we’re going to dictate or mandate or control or implement.”

Tretton also said that a PlayStation Plus membership will be a mandatory purchase if you want to play multiplayer for PS4.

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