Korea's Photoshop Trolls Make The Internet A Better Place

On June 26, a Korean language Facebook page called "We Do Phoshop" appeared online. The site solicited Photoshop requests, and the ensuing 'shops weren't exactly what askers had in mind. Or what anyone had in mind, for that matter.

There's a tradition of these kind of Photoshops online in China. People would ask "Photoshop masters" to make them taller or cooler or whatever. And netizens would whip up trollish Photoshops for internet giggles. But people tended to know what they were getting themselves in for when they made the requests, so the end result isn't malicious.

That's what is going on over at the We Do Phoshop Facebook page. Currently, it has around twenty-nine thousand likes and is still taking requests. However, so far, their page appears to be Korean language only -- so here's a look at some of of those requests.

Request: "Can you make this like a wild animal?"


Request: "Please put me in a picture with Iron Man."


Request: "Make me look like a super hacker."


Request: "I want you to make me look cool while grilling."


Request: "Please remove the guy with the camera reflection and have only me and the guy behind me in the booth."


Request: "Recently, my friend got married. Can you make this photo more congratulatory?"


Request: "Please erase me so it looks like the baby is flying."


Request: "You can't see my face. Could you brighten it up?"


Request: "Make it look like I have a harem! I want to be surrounded by women!!"


Request: "I want you to make it like I'm eating something nobody in the world has ever eaten."


Request: "This is a travel pic. I want you to erase the woman on the right side."


Request: There were three requests for looking heroic in battle.


Request: "Please put the pants over the socks to hide them. Also, recently I've been kind of down, so put some soju in front of me."


Request: "I want to be a superhero!"

Result: (Invisible Woman)

Request: "Please add a bear or something."


Request: "Make this tired pic more dramatic."


Request: "The white background seems empty. Please brighten it up!"


Request: "This is a photo of me sleeping in a 24-person tent. The look of me sleeping inside on a top of rubber mat is somewhat sad. Please change it to a picture where I am sleeping on mattress with a celebrity"


Request: "This photo was taken where the movie Peppermint Candy was shot. Please change the photo into a cold-hearted situation where a train is coming."


Request: "The box hinders the mood in the picture. Please change the box to something like a treasure box and make the entire photo have a warm mood."


Request: "I would be grateful if you could erase the people in the background. It's Disneyland but it doesn't feel like an amusement park. Please make it a bit more fun."


We Do Phoshop [Facebook Thanks, Sang!] 친구가 곧 결혼합니다(ㅋㅋㅋㅋ터짐주의ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) [Instiz] 포샵해드립니다 [Nemopan via ロケットニュース]


    Bahahaha GOLD!!!!!

    I managed to make it all the way to Thomas before cracking up.

      I got nowhere near that far.
      Hell, I was all laughed out by then.

    Haha gotta admit they are pretty good.

    haha gold...cracked at the guy with no pants and soju bottle covering the privates lol...

    Hilarious. Made my night :)

    The one with bear. His face, man that was hilarious.

    They're great!

    Those crazy ???

    Makes me miss OzHonda. No one will ever understand.

      Was that the honda forums that started with the guy asking to have the white dots removed from his shirt in the picture of him and his son?

        Hmm...I'm not sure. I didn't catch that one if so. My friend and I used to photoshop each other into wacky compromising positions with cars. It sounds lame when I explain it but it's a happy memory :P

      dw ozhonda is live and kicking well with the trolls

    I needed a good laugh.

    OMG, some of them are brilliant!

    This is the best post I've ever seen on here. "Please remove the guys reflection from the window" absolutely cracked me up.

    Haha, great way to start my morning. Hilarious.

    So awesome. Love the battle pic!

      Those cats were awesome

        In the grim darkness of South Korea's future, there is only Catwar!

    LOVE it

    Ohhh man... http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18tezobkbb4cijpg/original.jpg

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