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AIE Apologises For Saints Row IV Delay, Offers Free DLC In Return

Saints Row IV launch into the Australian territory has been problematic to say the least. First there were the classification issues, then came the delays. Today the games’s Australian distributer All Interactive Entertainment released a statement in an attempt to explain the delay, and offered Australian gamers who pre-ordered Saints Row IV free DLC as a peace offering.

According to the statement, “every effort” was made to keep the release process in line with the rest of the world, but the “production process meant that a delay was unavoidable”. It’s not explicitly stated, but we can only assume that the production delay was the result of Australia receiving a slightly modified version of the game as a result of the Classification Board refusing the game classification twice.

“Australian fans of Saints Row IV will obviously be disappointed with this delay,” said Robert Kingston, Director at All Interactive Entertainment. “We have used every means at our disposal to minimise the delay, but unfortunately it just was not possible to keep the same street date as the rest of the world.”

As a result of the delay All Interactive Entertainment has offered gamers who free pre-order and pick up the game 48 hours after launch a free Presidential Pack DLC code in an attempt to make things right. The Presidential Pack contains multiple different President outfits, allowing players to dress as some of America’s most famous Presidents.

AIE has confirmed that the game will now launch on September 12.

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