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Kickstarter Is Coming To Australia

We don’t have Kickstarter in Australia. I know, that’s shocking and it may surprise you, but we don’t. But it looks as though all of that is set to change. A new section on the Kickstarter website directs you to this message: Australia. New Zealand. Soon.

“Kickstarter will open up to Australia- and New Zealand-based projects in the very near future,” reads the short message on the site. “Tell us what kind of project you’re interested in launching, and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when everything’s ready.”

Obviously video games is a big deal for Kickstarter and, whaddya know, we have video game developers in this country! Previously Australian developers have used services like Indiegogo to ‘kickstart’ their projects, but Kickstarter itself is obviously the biggie. I’m looking forward to seeing, first, what the Australian version will look like and, second, what our local developers can do with it.

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