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We Want Battlefield To Succeed Says Infinity Ward Dev

Competition is good, I believe this. So do the developers at Infinity Ward. Whilst execs at EA and Activision seems intent on bashing each other’s prize first person shooter franchise, the developers at Infinity Ward enjoy seeing what the folks at DICE can achieve.

In an interview with Games Industry International, Executive Producer Mark Rubin explained that there’s a real camaraderie between all developers. Everyone has the same goal: elevating video games as a medium.

“[O]n a developer’s side it’s like, ‘Oh, did you see that stuff they’re doing? That’s so cool!'” he said. “We could do something that’s like this and that and we get excited about seeing that kind of stuff. So from a developer’s side, it definitely pushes us [to do better]. But it pushes us in a — I don’t know if other studios feel this way — but I hope in a sort of camaraderie type sense. ‘Oh, those guys are doing awesome stuff. Let’s jack up our game.’ But not like two opposing teams. Rather, like the same team pushing in the same direction.”

Mark Rubin also mentioned that success breeds success. If people like one video game, they’re far more likely to invest in other video game experiences, so it makes zero sense to want to strangle competition — it should be encouraged.

It’s a good point, and it’s just a single part of a fascinating interview which discusses the Call of Duty dog (of course) and the reasons why Call of Duty is like an art film (I know what you’re thinking, just read the interview and it’ll all make sense!)

Call of Duty dev: We want Battlefield 4 to succeed [Games Industry International]

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