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All Australian Xbox One Pre-Orders Will Now Come With A Free Copy Of FIFA 14

We were previously informed that the FIFA 14 pre-order deal for the Xbox One, which was announced in Europe a while back, would not be extended to Australians but things have now changed. If you have already pre-ordered an Xbox One console in Australia, you are now guaranteed a digital copy of the game for your console.

The offer will also be extended to all future pre-orders in the lead up to launch, while stocks last. This announcement comes in the wake of news that the Xbox One will launch in Australia on November 22, in line with all other global markets.

“Today is an exciting day for Xbox in Australia with the confirmation of our launch date of November 22,” said Jeremy Hinton, Interactive Entertainment Business Lead at Microsoft Australia, “so we’ll be one of the first countries in the world to launch Xbox One. Xbox is the best place to play games and we are delighted by the pre-orders of Xbox One. Australians love their sport and their sports games and our Xbox One FIFA 14 bundle in particular is our gift to those Xbox fans who pre-order early. Also, to make sure people who pre-ordered the Day One Edition Console don’t lose out, we’ll be making sure they all receive a copy of FIFA 14 too.”

When the FIFA 14 deal was announced for European territories, I was surprised to hear the deal wasn’t extended to Australia, where FIFA 14 is equally as popular. Good to hear there was a change of heart.

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