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Bungie Shows Off More Destiny, Thanks Its Community

Bungie has always been a highly community-driven developer, even since before the launch of Halo, so its not surprise that our latest (brief) glimpse of Destiny comes via a video of Bungie thanking its community.

Destiny’s been on drawing in the superlatives recently, and the awards, recently winning Best Game In Show at Gamescom and deservedly so. It was definitely one of the top five games I saw at E3 and I’m looking forward to it massively.

Bungie seems to be tempting more to its fans, and I can’t wait to see whatever it they want to show. Destiny, I am caught in your tractor beam of hype. I can’t help it. I’m wriggling and squiggling but there is no give.

Dear Bungie,

Does Destiny have tractor beams?


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