Of Course There Is A Connect 4 Game Designed For The iPhone 5C Case!

And now every developer in the world is currently saying, “why didn’t I think of that!”

When I first saw the case for the iPhone 5C I thought, ‘why?’ Then, when I saw it in the flesh I though, “oh that looks nice. But why?”

Now I have an answer to that question. Connect 4. Growing up I loved Connect 4. I still love Connect 4. This clever little app takes advantage of the iPhone 5C’s case to create a makeshift Connect 4 board. GENIUS. You can buy it here.

It started out as a joke on Twitter by Australian iOS developer Stuart Hall, then it became a real thing after he teamed up with fellow Aussie dev Dave McKinney. Now it’s a very real thing that you can buy and play. Brilliant.

Via Gizmodo

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