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The Incredible Mystery Of The Trials Evolution Riddle

Back in February we reported that there had been some progress in unravelling the ridiculous riddle hidden within Trials Evolution. The game has been out for 18 months but the riddle has not been solved. A recent set of clues released by the riddle creator may be finally leading us toward the ending… or knowing Antti Ilvessuo, more clues!

The Trials franchise is known for hiding complex riddles within their games and Trials Evolution is looking to take this to another level.

When we left this story, a series of random looking letters were hidden, as in seriously hidden, within the tracks in the game. Clever players started to uncover these and realised that they all fit together and after some very clever detective work, deciphered the code. The code it turns out, was instructions to perform a secret manoeuvre in one of the tracks that in turn revealed an entirely secret and hidden song.

Just because it’s an awesome song and where the prior article finished up, here is the song again.

If you listen to the words of this song, you will hear the lines “Wake up and listen, the secrets are hidden in the brighter tones. Your ears may not catch them, you might have to transform it into a visible form. Be prepared to find, a strange encoded line. Decoding must be applied. Now shivers are running down your spine as a treasure is waiting for you”.

It’s not surprising then that if you listen very carefully, ideally with headphones one, that at the beginning of the song you will notice some faint beeps. Using Spectral analysis, it’s possible to ‘see these brighter tones’ and to our amazement, using morse code, it says:


So, we were off again. Using the same spectral analysis for the existing in game music, a number of them all had a repeating morse code segment which was:

.– .– .– .-.-.- ..-. .. -..- . -.. .–. .- – – . .-. -. . -. -.-. — -.. . … .-.-.- -.-. — —

Or for you and I:

At the time, there was an image within that page that looked like this:

How people figured this out i won’t ever understand, but then people realised that if you get the background image (Bg gif) from the css page and overlay it on top of the main image gif in photoshop using an exclusion filter you get this:

After realising this was in Latin and translating it, it lead us to poetry by Titus Lucretius Carus, a Roman poet and philosopher who is best known for his philosophical poem De rerum natura. You can read more about his work here.

Still following? Well here is where it gets really interesting. About 3 weeks ago, the images on this website started to change. Each day, a new image was revealed each day and so far we have had over 20 images provided. Here are the first 21 images we received up until yesterday.

Hints were given that these all related to each other in a way that would surprise us, but it was only a few days ago that someone finally realised the connection. Each of these images was a clue to a specific individual, and the names of the individuals were organised in alphabetical order.

Here is a breakdown of each image and who it has lead us to:


The charge carrying particle concept was proposed by André-Marie Ampère


This was a representation of the Bohr Model of the atom (Niels Bohr)


A radiation symbol linking us to Curie, the family name of some of the pioneers in the study of radioactivity and also a unit of measurement of radioactivity.


We are still looking for a solid answer for this one.


This is thought to be a reference, somewhat masked to hide the obvious link one of the most famous equations in the world and its creator, Albert Einstein.


Pierre de Fermat was known for Fermat’s principle of reflection.


Galileo’s original drawing of Jupiter and its moons.


This represented a drawing by Christiaan Huygens of a Catenary.


Abram Ioffe was a pioneer in radiology which lead to the development of modern day imaging such as the CT and MRI scan.

Use this link for the image of the brain if needed.


The Joliot-Curie name is associated with research into Nuclear Fission


Henry Way Kendall won the Nobel prize in Physics in 1990 for his contribution to the field of particle physics. This is a Feynman diagram that is used to represent the behavior of sub atomic particles.


This is a representation of the Euler–Lagrange equation (Joseph-Louis Lagrange).


Dmitri Mendeleev made significant contributions to the creation of the periodic table.


Sir Isaac Newton is known for his laws of motion and the Universal Law of Gravitation. It is said that he came up with the idea while observing an apple fall from a tree.


A reference to an atomic bomb explosion, leading us to J. Robert Oppenheimer, known as the ‘Father of the Atomic Bomb who worked on the Manhattan Project.


A formula representing the Planck constant (Max Planck).


This is an image of Pascals Triangle which lead us to Thābit ibn Qurra, who discovered an equation for determining amicable numbers.


Leonard James Rogers discovered continued fractions.


A clear reference to Erwin Schrodinger and the Schrodinger cat thought experiment.


Thought to be a reference to some sketches by Nikola Tesla.


Nikolay Umov was the first scientist to indicate interrelation between mass and energy proposing the formula E=kmc^2.

Hope you are still reading because now for the best part. If these images continue to be released at the current rate of 1 per day, it stands to reason that V will be Friday, W Saturday, X Sunday, Y Monday and Z will be Tuesday. We have no idea what images will be released over the coming days, but I’m looking forward to seeing what this is all leading to.

You can follow the discussion over at the official Redlynx Forum.

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