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EB Games' Mad Monday Sale Starts Tonight, Might Only Be Worth It For The Hourly Deals

EB Games is at it again tomorrow with its annual “Mad Monday” sale. Right now, hitting up the site takes you to a single-image takeover announcing the impending deal shower, though running an eye over the prices released to members via email tells a less than exciting story.

As comments in this OzBargain post by user “wonderboy” point out, most if not all of the deals are as good, or worse, than prices offered by retailers such as Big W on a regular basis. If you’d like to take a gander yourself, you’ll find them in what can only be described as the world’s most vertical MS Paint copy-and-paste.

That said, EB Games will apparently be doing hourly specials that are worth taking a look at, some of which you’ll find below, courtesy of store rep “Hasquarl”:

10:00am-10:59am — Fifa 14 Collector’s Edition $68

12:00pm-12:59pm — Pokemon X & Y $44 each

2:00pm-2:59pm — Astro A40 Headset $227

5:00pm-5:59pm — GTA V $55

The Pokemon X & Y prices for example, are actually decent. EB’s also doing a guarantee of sorts, with orders that miss Christmas receiving a $20 gift card. Joy.

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