Game Developer Puts His One Year Old In Every Video Game Ever

Ben Stirling is a Game Development producer at Guru Studio in Toronto Canada. He also has a little boy who just turned one year old. I can relate. My son also turned one year old last week. I bought my son a little mini drumkit, but Ben's present was way cooler -- he placed his son in all of the video games!

For example, Mario Kart where he -- of course -- placed first.

I don't know how he made it into Left 4 Dead. This is some seriously irresponsible parenting here. THERE ARE ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!

Ah... LittleBigPlanet. That's a bit more suitable.


How can a child survive in the harsh climate of Skyrim. There's snow everywhere -- put some clothes on this guy!

Portal is cool though. A nice, sterile safe environment for a child. I wonder if GlaDOS is up for running a daycare service. SIGN ME UP.

But yeah, the Mass Effect one is my favourite. I can relate to this level of communication.

Okay, I think that's enough cute for one day. Forgive me. I am a father now, I'm susceptible to this kind of stuff now!

Via Attempted Artistry!


    Parenthood changes you man. Changes you hardcore!

      omg that is true, ive never heard of a groin alarm clock till i became a parent *arrrgggg*

        mine's not old enough for that yet, thank god.

        wait till they learn karate and do it without any warning when you're awake and alert and about to have dinner with friends…

    Love the gears one.

    lol renegade poop - I'm about to be a dad in march, is it indoctrination to dress your kid in an N7 onsie?

      Just noticed the renegade poop. lol.

      Congratulations! It's fucking awesome/fucking rough. More awesome though.

    That's...disturbing. Cute, yes. But extremely disturbing.

    Gears one is awesome.

    Should have done something like this for my 2 year old daughter.

    They're cool. When I read the title I thought that the developer actually placed a model or a photo or something in every game he's worked on, within the actual game.

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