Our Censored South Park: The Stick Of Truth Is Mighty Similar To Europe's

While US copies of South Park: The Stick of Truth are completely uncensored, Europe’s version is censored on consoles only. Our is censored on everything. And it looks like the same method of mild censorship protest we knew was coming in Australia is being used overseas as well.

During some of the more objectionable scenes, in which both minors and adults get anally probed against their will by aliens (by probes that look exactly like penises), rather than cut the content completely, our game will cut away to an image of a crying Koala bear, with the sounds of a didgeridoo in the background. Each time this happens, text at the bottom will explain what should be happening in the scene. Here’s what ours looks like:

And here’s what Europe’s looks like. Similar, no? And here I was, thinking we were special.

To be fair, there’s some really objectionable, borderline stuff in there, and I’m kind of amazed the game even got through as R18+. As always, don’t take your hate out on the Classification Board — if you’re angry, direct it towards the system.

Image via Reddit

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