There's Not Much To Infamous: Second Son's 333MB Update

Sucker Punch’s Infamous: Second Son is a bit of alright. If you’ve been playing it religiously, you may have noticed a patch was released recently for the game, bringing it to v1.02. Seeing as it weighs in at 333MB, one has to wonder what it contains. Excitement? More excitement? It’s neither of these, sadly.

Turns out the update is focused on fixing localisation issues and helping “paper trail a bit”, as Sucker Punch’s official Twitter account explains. On the bright side, the developer is looking to add a framerate limiting option, which should help with uneven performance and stuttering:

The game does have a few minor glitches, but nothing that should kill the average player’s experience.

@SuckerPunchProd [Twitter, via GearNuke]

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