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A Man And His 3 Year Old Daughter Play Dark Souls II. It's The Cutest Thing Ever.

Lance E. McDonald is the Australian developer currently working on Black Annex, but he’s also a father to Penny, a three year old girl. Together they are playing through Dark Souls II and it might be the cutest thing ever.

“Do you want to play as a boy or a girl?”

“A girl.”

“What do you want her name to be?”

“A lady.”

Oh man, this is just gold, solid gold. My heart is melting.

“What do you want to do?”

“Smash the monsters!”

Sure, you could make an argument that a three year old girl shouldn’t be watching or playing Dark Souls II, but in this case I totally want to make an exception, because well… this just all seems so gloriously innocent.

I’ve started watching this, and now I can’t stop.

For those wary of spoilers, this video in particular only covers up to the first boss battle, mainly because — as Lance tells it — they had to stop for a toilet break. When asked whether the break was for him or Penny he refused to elaborate.

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