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Here's What Sydney's First Gaming Bar Will Look Like

Brisbane got a gaming bar. Melbourne got a gaming bar. But it’s taken until now for Sydney to get one. Spawn Point (not to be confused with the show) will be ready to go within a matter of months, and here’s what it will look like.

Creator Ben “BeStRaFe” Mudie, who has been actively involved in the Sydney LAN scene, helping organise several events including SGL, has told us he is “hoping to kick the doors open in August.”

Located in the basement of 199 Clarence St in the CBD, Spawn Point will be located right next to the Redoak microbrewery. It’s a venue ideal for small-scale functions, and while Mudie wants to keep a steady flow of events happening at the bar, he’s also conscious of keeping it open for those passers-by in the city who just want to drop in.

It will also feature older consoles, alongside the new. Info from the Facebook page shows this as their planned list:

NES/SNES/N64/XBOX/XBOX360/PS1/PS2/PS3/MasterSystem II/MegaDrive II with more to come! (including some j-spec items)

Here’s a render of what the bar will look like:

And here’s a more detailed floor plan:

It’s good to see the location of Sydney’s first gaming bar is in the neutral CBD zone. Part of what made Brisbane’s Mana Bar feasible is its location in the Valley, a universal point of nightlife. Sydney has no real equivalent, and conversations I’ve had with the handful of people considering starting a similar bar here have typically skewed towards Newtown.

That’s a sentiment probably galvanised by Sydney’s new drinking laws. But Newtown can be insular, and not exactly transport-neutral. A bar in the CBD, close to the train station, is a win.

Here’s an image from Google Street View of what will be our first gaming bar in a few months:

Not long now. Cheers!

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