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Naughty Dog Artist Trolls Everyone With Some Gorgeous Fan Art

If you saw this image on the internet this morning, you may have gotten a little bit excited and that’s okay. Naughty Dog artist Marek Okon posted the above image alongside the words. “Let me tease you something… Its coming…”. Turns out nothing is coming. Well, something is probably coming, but this image is nothing to do with that something.

After the image did the rounds on multiple different gaming forums and gaming news sites, Marek Okon confirmed that — sadly — the above image is nothing more than a personal image he made. He called it “fan art”.

Regardless it is a very cool piece of fan art. Many folks speculated that the image was a grown up version of Ellie from The Last of Us and chances are it probably is. It isn’t, however, confirmation of The Last of Us 2. It’s just a cool drawing. Shame.

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