The Japanese Mario Kart 8 Commercial Is The Best Mario Kart 8 Commercial

And do you know why? It’s not because it features the Luigi death stare — it totally does — but because it features all of the ‘I just hit with a shell’ expressions in slow motion. Luigi’s one is obviously the best, but I think it’s about time the rest of the crew got their moment in the sun.

But while we’re here, a quick question: who is still playing Mario Kart 8? I love the game, and I think Nintendo absolutely got it right, but I’m hearing less and less people talking about it. That’s natural, games tend to make a splash at launch and then fade away, but I expected Mario Kart 8 chatter to have a slightly longer tail.

I thought that the whole Mario Kart TV feature would be a part of that discussion but Nintendo, I think, failed to make those videos shareable in a meaningful enough way. But still, this commercial makes me want to play again, just for those slo-mo replays.

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