Destiny Has Locally Hosted Servers In Australia

Destiny is set for release come midnight tonight and those of you who have pre-ordered, or plan to buy the game in the near future, can now rest easy in the knowledge that Activision and Bungie are launching locally hosted servers, based here in Australia.

Activision has confirmed that these servers will be available at launch.

“The seamless matchmaking experience in Destiny is designed so it doesn’t require locally-hosted servers for most players,” explained Roger Wolfson, a server software engineering lead for Bungie, “but depending on where you are and if it is required to have an optimal experience, there are locally-hosted servers all over the world, including in Australia.”

We don’t have much more information to go on at this stage. We don’t know exactly where in Australia the servers are located but — regardless — this is great news for those who plan to play Destiny here in Australia, particularly those who are looking to play competitive multiplayer.

More news as we get it.

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