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PAX Australia Will Remain In Melbourne For The Next Five Years

We’ve just gotten word from local PAX man Guy Blomberg that PAX Australia will remain in Melbourne for the next five years. So if you’re from Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else for that matter, time to stock up on those frequent flyer points. Apparently the PAX guys like Australia’s most liveable city for some reason.


The five years in Melbourne thing was announced at the Games Connect Asia Pacific event currently taking place in Melbourne.

Five years. In Melbourne. That’s a long time.

And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that five years transformed into ten. The truth of the matter is PAX in Melbourne has been a hugely successful endeavour and Melbourne — in terms of indies at least — really is the epicentre of local games development at the moment.

I’m cool with this. Even if it means I have to fly down to that goddamn smug city with its nicely designed road system and great coffee. Goddammit Melbourne why do you have to be so liveable?

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