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Kmart Has Also Pulled All Versions Of Grand Theft Auto IV

An anonymous source has informed us that in addition to removing Grand Theft Auto V, all copies of Grand Theft Auto IV — including the Episodes of Liberty city game — are being pulled from store shelves at Kmart. We have yet to confirm if Target is following suit, but Kmart representatives confirmed that all copies of all Grand Theft Auto games are being removed from sale.

We did, however speak to one Target store representative who confirmed to us that, in a group email, staff had instructed to only remove copies of Grand Theft Auto V. Our source claimed that all Grand Theft Auto games would also be removed from Target.

The source we spoke to, however, informed us that the games were being “stealth pulled”. Meaning that no statement would be sent out to press. Most likely it’s just an attempt to remain consistent with their decision to remove Grand Theft Auto V.

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