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An Incredible Minecraft Recreation Of Dark Souls

Maybe it’s because we die so frequently in that world, and have to backtrack so often, but the world of Lordran is just such a familiar one to anyone who has played Dark Souls. That’s why this pitch-perfect Minecraft recreation of the game’s environment is so tremendous. It’s like I can remember every single square inch of this place.

As always, seeing how much work goes into these recreations is a really humbling experience. This is a 1:1 scale recreation, and I find it fascinating the work people put into these pet projects. It’s beautiful.

It also reminds me of how amazing the environment design of Dark Souls is. It manages to feel natural, unique and beautiful all at once. The fact that it all translates to an environment you want to play in and exist is a stellar achievement.

You can see more of this project here.

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