The Steam Sales Are Good Today

Just in case you had forgotten, the Steam Winter Sale is in full flow. And today is a good day. Today you might actually find something you don’t own already.

Crazy right?

Just flicking through I spotted a lot of games — games I’ve been interested in but never got round to playing yet.

Games like…

— Life Is Strange. Episode 1 is 50% off at US$2.49
— Elite Dangerous is 50% off at US$14.99
— Westerado is 50% off at US$7.49

Actually Westerado is a game I’ve been meaning to play for a long time. Kotaku US’s Nathan Grayson has been raving about it.

— Watch Dogs might be worth a bash at 70%. You can pick that up for US$5.44
— System Shock 2 is 80% off at US$1.99
— There are also some super good deals on games in the Far Cry franchise.

So yeah — a lot of games are on-sale that aren’t usually on-sale. Considering the overload of sales we seem to get across multiple different services, that’s a good thing.

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