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Beyond Good And Evil 2 Still In The Works, According To Michel Ancel

A colleague quipped recently that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is the kind of game that people think they want. You see that sometimes, where people love the idea of a game more than the actual experience.

How much that actually applies to a Beyond Good & Evil sequel is another matter. But today, courtesy of Double Fine, we got confirmation — of sorts — that a sequel for the iconic hybrid-adventure is still in the works.

The confirmation came in the latest Devs Play video from Double Fine, where Tim Schafer played an hour of the original Beyond Good & Evil alongside the game’s producer, Michel Ancel.

At the end of the video, Schafer directly asked about a sequel and Ancel’s mentality. The question kicks in at 1:07:49, for reference.

“You’re still in the headspace of this game because you’re making a sequel right,” Tim Schafer asked. “You’re thinking about [the Beyond Good & Evil] world still.”

“Yeah, but it’s difficult because it’s hard for me to redo the same game two times. I don’t know how you’re going to manage that for Psychonauts 2,” Ancel replied.

Fans have been waiting a really long time for movement on BGE2. For years it’s been an ongoing tease, and this really just adds to that. But who knows? Maybe this year, finally, we’ll get a firm announcement with unbroken gameplay and something approximating a release date.


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