Grindr Sells 60% Of Stake To Beijing Gaming Giant

Who’s ready for gaymification? Chinese mobile game giant Beijing Kunlun Tech has acquired 60% of the hit app Grindr, which hooks up likeminded gay men.

Three fifths of the world’s most popular gay dating app apparently goes for $132 million these days, and seeing as Grindr made $32 million last year, it shouldn’t take long for Beijing Kunlun Tech to recoup that.

Specialising in web-based games which most Western gamers wouldn’t recognise, Beijing Kunlun Tech is the company which brought Angry Birds to China,

While Beijing Kunlun Tech specialises in web-based games which most Western gamers wouldn’t recognise, to give you an idea of its size, this one company is responsible for localising Angry Birds, and distributing Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Need for Speed throughout China.

Although, as Techcrunch reports, China already has a popular gay dating app called Blued, with a similar population of around two million users. It’s unclear whether the deal will actually take Grindr to China, but seeing as Grindr’s own two million users are spread around the world, it would encounter stiff competition in Blued.

In all seriousness, gamification probably isn’t on the cards. Grindr CEO Joel Simkhai says it will be business as usual, though the new funds will allow it to expand a lot faster.


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