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Off Topic: What's The Best Birthday Thing You Or Someone Else Did?

Today’s off topic is pretty blatant because it’s one of those days that gets its own spot on the calendar. It’s a birthday. Not my birthday, but my girlfriend’s. And she’s turning 30! Which is awesome for her.

So naturally, my mind drifted towards celebrations and the things we do on them.

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I’ll always remember one birthday I had as a kid that somehow involved a lot of people, an awful lot of running around the backyard and nearby roads, and water pistols. Shitloads of water pistols. People were getting shot left right and centre.

I also remember people sitting at the dining room table and chowing down on lunch. We were then cutely interrupted by the bravest of my family’s (who have since sadly passed away) ducks, who waddled up to the front door in a somewhat depressive state. There was a metric tonne of food being consumed that wasn’t also being offered to her, a horrifyingly uncomfortable situation for the feathered feline*. The poor thing.

In any case, it was a good day. Buggered if I could remember how old I was at the time. It was fun though. But what about yourselves? What’s the best thing you’ve done on your birthday or for someone else’s? What birthday memories do you have?

Update: Ducks, as Freja pointed out, are not actually felines. Even if this one behaved like a cat (including coming in the house, accepting pats, sitting on the couch and randomly chirping at humans for attention).

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