Psychonauts 2 Is On The Verge Of Getting Funded

Asking for more than $4.58 million (US$3.3 million) seemed like a lofty goal, but Tim Schafer and Double Fine have shown that their capacity to raise money through crowdfunding is undeterred.

The campaign has 7 days left to run, but with US$3,208,857 raised at the time of writing from a goal of US$3.3 million it would be staggering if a Psychonauts sequel did not emerge.

Over 19,000 people have supported the project to date, with almost 7,200 backers jumping in at the US$39 tier after the “early bird” US$33 tier (the minimum you had to back to get a digital download for Psychonauts 2) closed.

Double Fine estimates the game will ship in the spring of 2018 Australian time. It’s a fairly lengthy timeline, but understandable given the company’s history with crowdfunding and the lessons they have learned from Broken Age and other ventures.

The success of Psychonauts 2 is almost important for Fig, the crowdfunding platform founded by Double Fine’s former COO Jusin Bailey. Tim Schafer is a member of Fig’s advisory board, alongside Brian Fargo, Obisidian’s Feargus Urquhart, Harmonix’s Alex Rigopulos and the Indie Fund’s Aaraon Isaksen.

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