RSI Announces February Split For Star Citizen (And Free Week Of Play)

If you hadn’t heard, Robert Space Industries made the decision last year to separate Star Citizen into two parts — Squadron 42 and uh, Star Citizen. As to when the split will occur, that’s no longer a mystery — mark 14 February in your calendars, so you can cut a cake, bake a fridge or drive a motorcycle off a jetty.

However you choose to celebrate (or un-celebrate), you can also try and get your friends into the game. The latest round-up from RSI includes news that the game will be enabling “Free Fly access to all accounts” for the next week. So all you have to do is sign-up and you can give Star Citizen a go.

As for the split, here’s exactly how that will work:

Squadron 42 will be available as either a stand alone game or an optional addon for Star Citizen rather than be included by default. If you want to lock in both games for the lowest possible price, consider pledging before this deadline. You can learn more about Squadron 42, our thrilling single-player adventure, here.

Roundup: Free Fly, 2.1.2 Patch and Other Updates! [Robert Space Industries, via Blue’s News]

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