Rumours: NVIDIA Will Unveil Their First Pascal GPU In April

The general consensus was that AMD would get first dibs at consumers in 2016 with their Polaris line of GPUs, but it turns out that might not be the case with a string of reports popping up over the last 24 hours suggesting that NVIDIA might beat them to the punch.

The reports come not long after AMD announced a substantial price cut to the Radeon R9 Nano to $849, and adds an extra touch of spice for anyone who was preparing for a GPU upgrade to go with their early adoption of VR this year.

Techfrag ran with the supposed leak that NVIDIA would use the Pascal architecture for all of their releases in 2016. Furthermore, the first of those releases will come in April. They’ll also be what’s called “TITAN-grade” products, which is understood to mean a Pascal-equivalent replacement for the current TITAN offerings.

The core series of GPUs, meanwhile, will reportedly be shown off in June. That could mean that NVIDIA will use Computex as the stage to show off the successors to the GTX 950/960/970 series, although whether they’ll be made available in Australia at the same time is another matter entirely.

One fun aspect of all this rumour-mongering is the specs. The GP100 chip, which will be the flagship Pascal GPU, will supposedly sport a staggering 32GB of VRAM. It’ll also be using HBM2, rather than the GDDR5X memory which will be used for the core Pascal GPUs.

Just to remind everyone: none of this is confirmed at this stage. The only supporting information provided is some shipping manifests on the Zauba import/export database, and the likelihood of an actual 32GB GPU seems highly doubtful since it would require production to have started on HBM 8GB modules (which I understood hadn’t begun yet).

Apart from COMPUTEX, NVIDIA might also have some news to break at the GPU Technology Conference in the first week of April. The manufacturer’s CEO is scheduled to give the keynote address for the conference, and if there is anything particularly interesting from a technology standpoint it would be likely for Jen-Hsun Huang to reveal it there.

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