Littlejulesy was right on the money with their guess: yesterday's Scribbletaku came courtesy of Omikron: The Nomad Soul. If you're wondering where specifically, it was taken from one of the map overlays.

But HUD icons and alien languages are apparently too easy for you lot. So let's ramp up the difficulty significantly.

This is from our morning sub-editor Amanda, who has a knack for picking quirky titles. I wonder how long it'll take everyone!

Don't forget, if you feel like sending in your own scribble, launch it in this direction.


    Dwarf Fortress?




    Ramp up the difficulty, all right.

      Dammit I was just about to post this! The one time I think I know a scribbletaku =P

        All right, sorry, man. My REAL guess is The Dig.

      Yeah, definitely that. Easy one!
      Although I'm more interested in the shadow image of the jumping lady revealed when you invert the image...

        It looks like it's the imprint from last Friday's Scribbletaku.

          Yep, and it has a rather rude looking imprint on it as well ;^)

    That's... incredibly vague. It could be Rogue, ZZT, Kingdoms of Kroz, NetHack, or any ASCII game. Then again, the face is a little high up so I'm not sure it's the ASCII smiley character now...

      Can you actually find the ASCII-or-similar character? I looked through a few standard ASCII tables, and other sets (including the C64 character-pages). I can't find the damn thing.

    A Boy and His Blob.

    Thomas was alone

    Faceball 2000 w00t

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    ZZT or some variant like Super ZZT.

    Looks like Kingdom of Kroz (although I am sure someone else has guessed the correct game already)

    Box Boy

    Castle Adventure

    It looks like the cloud from the animation "Rejected" but turned into a box
    That or a happy Thwomp from Mario

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