Well done to Linkwick who managed to guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Commander Keen 4! Nice job.

Today's drawing comes from Silent Flame. Good luck y'all. You're gonna need it.



      I doubt it it, but I love the fact that you referenced Probotector as distinct from Contra.

        It broke my heart that the Probotector in Contra 4 actually seemed to play worse than the other characters, so I couldn't use him :(


    The Legend of zelda: OOT

    The GameCube load screen? When there is no disk?


    Total Annihilation

      That was my first impression as well. An RTS from that era at least. What others were there? Dark Reign? KKnD?

    Biker Mice from Mars

    A top down view of the chests from the original spyro the dragon where you had to flame it then jump through the gem??

    The semicolon key from a keyboard?

    Tetris ??

    otherwise it looks like a keyboard key to me (some form of reference maybe)

    Super Mario 64 ?

    The CTRL key on my keyboard. The lettering wore off over a year ago.


    I'm thinking vertically scrolling SHMUP on this one.

      Hmm... good call... but which one?

      I'm guessing one of Slapfight, Xevious or SWIV.

    Woo my one!

    Crusader No Remorse?

    Legend of Zelda Links awakening... or one of the other Gameboy titles.

    A TV item box in sonic - megadrive


    Kid chameleon

    Smash TV?

    Does it stick in or poke out?

      Poke out

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