Oh man, well done to brancha who managed to guess Silent Flame's super difficult ScribbleTaku from Friday (and Thursday). It was The Guardian Legend. Nicely done!

Today's effort comes from Planky! Good luck everyone!



      Too easy :D I was debating drawing the walls or part of the ship map. Lots of possibilities

        Showing my age :(

        I reckon I still would have got it even with only part of the ship map, I played the hell out of that game.

    Paradroid 100%

    Speed ball 2

    Phantasy Star!

    EDIT: Awh man, I need to start making my guesses BEFORE the OP declares a winner. >.>

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    A drawing.

    What are the details for sending in a scribbletaku again i forgot them ?

      mail @ with ScribbleTaku as the Subject

        or directly to serrels himself.

      Cheers guys, i know i have previously sent one in (not that long ago) but i couldn't remember the details.

    Para.......... ah crap, too late.

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