Well it looks like no-one managed to correctly guess ftwstewieg's Scribble yesterday. Goddamn it was a humdinger.

It was Dead Ball Zone on the PlayStation 1. Nicely done ftwstewieg. Pretty hard to stump the ScribbleTaku crowd...

Today's drawing comes from Welbot! Good luck everyone!


    Parappa the Rapper?

    P switch from Super Mario Bros. 3?

    Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    Alex Kidd in Miracle World?

    Super Mario maker?

    Mega Man?

    Definitely the blue P switch from Super Mario Bros. 3

    I know I'm wrong, but my gut feeling was something from Pokemon Snap

    How do we go about sending in a scribble to feature?

      [email protected] with subject Scribbletaku

    I feel like there's a million things with a P on them that I could name, if only I could get past the Mario P block. I think beeawwb might be right though.

      Nah, I checked. Parappa's beanie had a frog on it, not a P.

      This is partly why I chose this ;) I knew it was a fairly common kind of thing, but not this design specifically!
      Perhaps if Mark got my email with part 2 it might give more of a clue ;)

        It was a really nice choice. It's clearly got parts on it that lock it into something specific so it doesn't feel unfair, but there's a ton of things like it so it's keeping everyone guessing. Lots of 'yeah! Oh wait, doesn't have...' moments.

    Biker mice from Mars!

    Sorry about the poor pic yesterday for reference this is the pic i used.

    Psycho Fox?

    Omg! it passed the 1 hour mark without being guessed! I call that a win! ;)
    /edit.. 55min mark.. didn't check the time it was posted.. still, better than I expected!
    Also please excuse the shaky drawing. My hands aren't real stable these days due to my leg jolting my body about.

      Wait, who guessed it?

        Nobody.. still no correct guesses yet. I just didn't expect to make it past the first hour, so I'm happy :)

          Ah I see... Yeah well, you've got me stumped!

      It's not Pokemon is it?


    Its got me stumped too - very very familiar though.
    Ill take a stab with World of Warcraft.

    Caeser 3?

    Edit: Spelling

    Zelda: A link to the past?

    Super Mario 3? (those flying beetles, or maybe the armored metal "shell" guys)

    I'm so chuffed that I've made it this far! In the past, the ones I've submitted have been snapped up pretty quick! Nice try all, but keep guessing!! ;)

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