This Is The Perfect Way To Respond To Being Called A Hacker

It’s a known fact that in any competitive online game, if you win a match you’re going to be called a hacker at some point. It’s a crutch for some, shifting the burden of the loss off of them. It wasn’t their fault, after all: the playing field wasn’t level.

But most accusations of hacking are unfounded rage. And when you consistently get called a hacker, this might be one of the best ways to respond.

Meet two StarCraft 2 players. One’s called Jason Papadimitrios, a Canadian Terran player otherwise known as Juggernaut. The other is David Blowe, an American Terran player otherwise known as avilo.

Blowe has a bit of a history for, well, raging. It’s not unfair to say he’s more known for his complaints about the balance of his game and his on-stream tirades than his tournament record. And when it comes to Papadimitrios, the American becomes particularly irate.

Blowe has allegedly been calling his Canadian counterpart a hacker for two years. But thanks to some exceptionally good editing from an avid supporter, Papadimitrios has replied in the best possible fashion.

That’s the danger of streaming sometimes: you get called out. And for what it’s worth, Blowe isn’t backing down.

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