Valve Is Excited About What They're Going To Demo At CES

HTC announced late last month that its take on virtual reality, the collaboration with Valve called the HTC Vive, would be delayed until April and that they’d be showing off the tech’s second generation dev kit at CES. CES is kicking off in a couple of days, and Valve’s pretty excited about what they’ve got in store.

Chet Faliszek is a writer and developer at Valve who, if you’re a follower of his Twitter feed, is a pretty big fan of virtual reality. He’s also in Las Vegas right now as part of the grand circus that is the Consumer Electronics Show.

Valve were at CES last year, but as Falisek said, the company was “just quietly meeting with people and checking things out while we kept our secret”. “This one will be a bit different,” he added, which required the following clarification:

He added that part of the reasoning behind Valve’s secrecy for so long was that they understood the frustration consumers had with the ongoing chatter over the years about technology that was in development, but never available for purchase.

A HTC blog post shortly after Christmas Day announced that the HTC Vive would be used at CES to show off the Virtuix Omni VR motion platform, a bike VR experience, content from various manufacturers including AMD and NVIDIA, a virtual showroom experience from Audi, a VR tie-in experience for The Martian, and “The Lonely Whale” VR content from Alienware.

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