Daigo Is About To Play Lupe Fiasco At Street Fighter V, Watch It Live [UPDATE: LUPE FIASCO WON!]

As you might remember, rapper Lupe Fiasco and legend/pro Street Fighter player Daigo Umehara have been in the process of organising a match on Street Fighter V.

That match is about to take place, and you can watch it live here.

Or you can watch it inside this very post! Your call.
Watch live video from Twitch on

This should be fun.

UPDATE: Okay, I have no idea if that was a fix — because this was about as close as a Street Fighter match could be — but Lupe Fiasco just beat Daigo Umehara at Street Fighter V. Wow. That was insane. Some serious drama as Lupe needed to switch out arcade sticks halfway through the match, and then beat Daigo at the death!

At the very least that was entertaining as hell!

Here’s the final move:

Wow. That was really something.

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