Fine Art: Heya Fran, Been A While


    That Fran is hot.

    Which begs the question: can an artist be turned on by his own work, or would it be weird for James to jack of to his own Fran picture?

    I guess he was probably spent after researching the line for that butt anyway.

      You don't think Fran would smell terrible? She has leather/latex between her butt crack, not to mention all over. She would be a sweaty mess.

        Are you trying to turn me on?

          Uh... Salirophilia? Hahaha, no way.

          Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      To answer your question, I'll suggest you to draw your own sexy girls (or guys). Even if you are a terrible artist, just try, a really good try. Then you'll have your answer.

    Is that a Last Unicorn image I spy in there? (ie. The fiery bull and unicorn)

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