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How To Make Skyrim More Like Dark Souls

2011 was a helluva year. Two incredible games were released — technically in the same genre, yet eons apart in terms of scope, aesthetic and design.

The games in question: Dark Souls and Skyrim. But what if you merged those two games into one — what would that look like?

It would probably look a little like the above video — which takes a number of different mods and applies them to Skyrim. It’s actually pretty cool!

The above video was made by Querns, a YouTuber, and he’s listed the many, many different mods he’s used to achieve this pretty cool, Dark Souls-esque look.

Less Intrusive HUD II
Immersive HUD
Customizable Camera
Fores New Idles in Skyrim
Violens – A Killmove Mod
Combat Behavior Improved
Fighting Fatigue
Combat Evolved
Dragon Combat Overhaul
TK Dodge 2.0
Lock-On Reticle Retexture
Souls Quick Menu

Or you could just play Dark Souls. And then Skyrim. Separately. Because they’re both awesome for different reasons! Either way, pretty cool set of mods.

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