If You're Buying Street Fighter 5 On PC, Get Used To Crappy Keyboard Binds

Street Fighter 5 has launched simultaneously on PC and PS4. The launch has been pretty smooth, and the fact that the game has cross-play is an even bigger bonus.

But there’s something Capcom didn’t think to include for the PC version: customisable keyboard binds.

SF5 unlocked on Steam at around 11am this morning, and people lucky enough to either have the day off or a situation that facilitates a few hadokens have been getting their fights on over the last few hours.

If you’re thinking about buying on PC, however, there’s something you’ll want to know: you can’t customise the binds.

The game’s playable with a keyboard. But just like the previous beta, what SF5 does is remap certain keys the buttons of a gamepad, and you can’t change the original keyboard inputs.

Here’s what buttons do what, for reference.

B – Low Punch
N – Medium Punch
M – High Punch
, – Low + Medium + High Punch
G – Low Kick
H – Medium Kick
J – High Kick
K – Low + Medium + High Kick
B+G – Throw
H+N – V-Trigger
Enter – Start

(If you’re wondering why the textures look so awful, it’s because I’ve had to reduce the graphics to the bare, bare, bare minimum to get things going on my work laptop. Forgive me.)

But the worst part of all of this? The PC port displays all inputs as A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT instead of their keyboard equivalents. It’s annoying if you fire up the game without a controller, because it doesn’t tell you what keys are bound to what. Even Street Fighter 4 was able to display keyboard binds, so you’d think Capcom would find a way to patch that into the PC version post-haste.

It’s a frustrating omission, but then we’ve known for ages that SF5 would be rushed out the gate. The in-game challenges and shop won’t be patched into the game until March, while the full campaign is due out in June.

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