Meet The Most Annoying Ken Player In Street Fighter V

Ken already looks annoying in Street Fighter 5 with his long, blonde bangs, his whiny accent and his habit of putting that smelly foot in your face with every Critical Art.

But that’s nowhere near as frustrating as when Ken is being controlled by someone who’s just plain obnoxious.

This match was uploaded by YouTuber Lythero and it’s a perfect trainwreck in action. It also reminds me of the Daigo/Lupe Fiasco right for its absurdity, but the beauty of this is the Zangief player is just genuinely struggling.

Against non-stop dragon punches.

The timing on the music is pretty great too.

But perhaps one of the most telling aspects of this video is in the description. “Street Fighter V is legit fun, I want to like it, but Capcom need to get this game fixed up and working properly fast,” Lythero wrote.

Good thing they’re working on it.

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