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Tell Us Dammit: Favourite Video Game Magazines

I went into the newsagents today for the first time in a long time. I did what I normally do while browsing in such establishments: I went to the tech section to check out the games magazines.

I say this as someone who started their career in print, as someone who loves magazines — the scene was a little bit desperate. The only game magazines the newsagent had were Game Informer and tucked behind that, the Official Xbox Magazine.

It got me to thinking about my favourite game magazines of yesteryear.

I grew up in the UK and, when I was growing up, magazine culture was powerful. We had Crash magazine for Spectrum, we had CVG, we had Mean Machines. Later when I was in high school Edge was a big deal. I understand that, in Australia there was a similarly powerful movement.

What were some of your favourite video game magazines?

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