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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Honestly, the choice is kinda overwhelming right now.

I’m very close to finishing both Oxenfree and The Witness, but I really want to make a start on Firewatch and continue playing Unravel.


But it’s a good ‘argh’. Sometimes when I have a lot of games to play it feels almost like an obligation. At the moment I am really, truly having a blast with video games.

And despite being a father to newborn baby, and basically drowning in poop, I’m finding a surprising amount of time to play them. A large part of that, I think, is the type of games I’m playing. It’s so good to have some really high quality non-violent games to play. I can play these games with children floating around without worrying. It’s a real relief actually.

Anyway — what are you all playing this weekend?

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