18 Minutes With The New Metroid Game Everyone's Annoyed About

Fans of the Metroid series have been waiting for a new… well anything really since the pretty darn mediocre Metroid: Other M.

So when Metroid Prime: Federation Force was announced — a strange spin-off of sorts that doesn’t seem to feature Samus or resemble a ‘proper’ Metroid game — fans got a bit angry.

But hey! It is what it is. The game exists. Might as well judge it on its own merits.

As a big fan of the Metroid series myself, I understood the disappointment. I felt it. But as I watched the above video, featuring 18 minutes of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, it occurred to me that I hadn’t really stopped to try and understand precisely what the game was, what it was trying to do. That kind of sucks.

It sucks especially because Metroid Prime: Federation Force is being developed by Next Level Games — the team who created Luigi’s Mansion 2, my favourite 3DS game ever. Surely that team has earned a certain level of trust, particularly when it comes to 3DS hardware.

I’m still cynical about the game. Obviously I feel like a fully-fledged 2D/3D Metroid game would have been more welcome, but it’s probably advisable to give this game a chance.

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