Donald Trump Makes Civilization V Great Again

Donald Trump Makes Civilisation V Great Again

If you think Donald Trump would be a disaster for the USA/world given four to eight years of leadership, imagine the devastation if he was allowed to reign for millennia.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America, a mod for Civilization V that turns the coiffured spud into one of the game’s immortal leaders, granting America a new set of very Trump-like perks and abilities.

Such as:

Donald Trump Makes Civilisation V Great Again

* The Great Wall has been replaced by The Great Wall of America.

* In keeping his with ability to make things great, Trump’s first Golden Age lasts the rest of the game. To balance that out, though, your population unhappiness increases by, oh, 100 per cent.

Donald Trump Makes Civilisation V Great Again

* The game’s infantry unit is replaced by Border Patrol, which is weaker but has a combat bonus in friendly territory.

The mod was actually made last year, but for reasons of me Googling “Donald Trump Civ V mod lol” earlier today, here it is.

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