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Japan Looks To Relax Rules For Foreign Animators

Japan Looks to Relax Rules for Foreign Animators

Do you dream of making anime in Japan? The country’s government is working to make that more of a possibility by hopefully easing up on rules and regulations for foreign animators.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review (via Mulboyne), the Japanese government has created a bill, which also includes designers and cosmetic professionals, that will be presented at the Council on National Strategic Special Zones, which is chaired by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The goal is, then, to pass the bill during the current Diet session.

Nikkei explains:

Under the current law, foreigners are given different visa status according to their profession, and there have so far been strict restrictions on foreigners working in certain sectors, such as fashion, animation and cooking.

As a result, a number of foreign graduates of Japanese vocational schools have had to leave the country due to visa denials, even though they received job offers from domestic companies.

The new proposed legislation aims to help eliminate this. Now, whether the anime industry will ease up on its own problems, that remains to be seen.

Top image: Chris McGrath / Getty Images

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