Kogan Has A Few Good Deals On Graphics Cards And Monitors Right Now

There’s caveats as always and you only have a few days to take advantage. But if you can get in quick and you’re looking for a solid GPU upgrade — and you don’t want to wait for the release of the Pascal or Polaris GPUs — this isn’t a bad opportunity.

The deal comes courtesy of online retailer Kogan’s Ebay store, where you can get 20% off a whole range of tech products with the checkout code CTECHIE. It’s only available until March 16th and the maximum discount is $1000 per transaction.

According to the terms and conditions, you can only make three transactions using the discount code. The bonus here is that the code works across a range of retailers, including Sony (but not their gaming division, unless you want 20% off Knack), Dell Australia, Bing Lee, Ted’s Camera, Optus, GoPro, Futu Online, The Good Guys and Betta Online.

But we’re focusing on Kogan and some of the good deals they’ve got on hardware. Specifically high-end GPUs, because there’s some solid deals. Remember, all prices are with the 20% discount applied to that item only; if you purchase multiple items, the 20% discount is applied to the whole cart.

Let’s go hardware shopping.

MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB VRAM ($878.40)
BenQ 24″ XL2411Z Gaming Monitor ($366.40)
AOC 28″ U2879VF 4K UHD LED Monitor ($462.40)

There are a few more GPUs on offer, like R9 370’s, GTX 960’s and 970’s, but once the discount is applied the final price is no better than what you’d get from major computer retailers. Take the Samsung portable 500GB SSD. It’s $335 after the 20% discount is applied, but a quick StaticICE search shows the same drive can be bought for under $300 from a variety of retailers (as low as $247, if you move quickly).

But the deals above are quite good, while they’re still in stock. The 980 Ti is a nice offering especially, since the cheapest you can get it for is $1050, with most charging closer to $1100. That’s almost a saving of $200 at the very least, if not slightly more depending on your preferred retailer.

Of course, if you’re like me you’ll probably be waiting a few months to see how Polaris and Pascal shake out. We are moving into a DirectX 12/Vulkan world, after all. But if you can’t wait that long and want something powerful to put into your rig right now — along with a nice monitor to go with it — then these deals might be worth considering.

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