Of Course China Has Their Own Version Of Windows 10

And in news that should surprise precisely no-one, we now know that the Chinese government has been supplied with a special version of Windows 10 by Microsoft. Because of course they have.

According to Tech In Asia, it’s called Windows 10 Zhuangongban. That’s the information from Ralph Haupter, who is Microsoft’s chief executive for the Greater China region.

The story is that Microsoft teamed up with a state-run defence and technology firm, CETC, to create a special version of the OS befitting for the Great Firewall of China. It’s supposedly got extra security controls and device management features. No word on whether it’s as good at tracking files offline as North Korea’s OSX-themed Linux knock-off though.

It’s an interesting development given that the Chinese government has been funding the development of their own OS for some time. Like North Korea, the state-sanctioned OS in China is a Linux build called NeoKylin.

NeoKylin is fairly widespread in China: according to a senior executive late last year, around 42% of PCs sold by Dell in China were running NeoKylin. That doesn’t mean Windows is out in the cold though, as the South China Morning Post reported that around 97.2% of desktops on the mainland were still using some form of Microsoft’s OS.

[Tech In Asia]

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