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Rhythm Games Are Meant For VR

Dylan Fitterer is the maker of Audiosurf. He’s one of the first indie devs to really get significant success on Steam, back when the platform wasn’t littered with indie titles every day.

Today he’s got a new game. It’s called Audioshield. It’s a virtual reality game. And it might just be the way forward for rhythm games in a VR world.

If you’ve played Audiosurf, you’ll be familiar with a lot of the elements. You’re standing on what looks like a track. There are streams of alternating colours. You’ve got two shields (one for each controller) and you have to block the music in time with the beat.

It’s easier to see in action than it is to describe, mind you, so check out the video.

Having played a semi-reasonable chunk of Guitar Hero Live, as well as previous Guitar Hero/Rock Band games in the past, it’s difficult not to see the future of the major rhythm games going down this path.

Can you imagine selling this to people with PlayStation VR? You don’t need an additional controller, just the bits and bobs you’d already have to get VR going.

The extra fun part of this is the green screen used for the trailer. According to the video description, it’s a technique by the makers of Fantastic Contraption who is also making a game for the HTC Vive.

Audioshield is due out next month to coincide with the release of the HTC Vive. As for rhythm games going forward, I’m betting we’ll see something for PlayStation VR or even Gear VR before too long.

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