The PlayStation 4 Is Dominant In Australia

Anecdotally, it always appeared as though the PlayStation 4 is doing well in Australia, but now the data is starting to back up the idea. Sony is truly starting to exert dominance when it comes to this generation of consoles.

According to NPD Group Australia — between the Wii U, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 — the PlayStation 4 accounts for a whopping 59% of units sold.

And that dominance extends to all aspects of the games business. According to the numbers, when it comes to sales of consoles, games and peripherals in total, the PlayStation 4 also accounts for 59% of that market.

Considering there are three consoles in the current-gen marketplace, those are some pretty huge numbers. The Wii U’s continued struggle to get a hold in the Australian marketplace plays a factor, making this something of a two-horse race, but Microsoft has been a lot quieter in the wake of the NPD numbers — it’s a two horse race that Sony is clearly winning.

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